Strategic Aims

– We work to assist the Indian Blind, wherever they need the assistance.

– Our services are provided through Volunteers, NGOs for the Blind & Donors.

– Conceptually, we work at the local, national & international levels.

– For Institutional Support, we permit each Institution to decide their own priorities & we go along. However, we also develop our own initiatives & choose projects of our own.

– We have chosen to adopt democratic norms even though the same is not legally binding. Further, we empower the Blind, by following their advice, inputs & decisions; at times ignoring democratic principles.

– We consciously undertake development in the under developed parts of the country; leap – frogging time lines to hasten development cycles.

– We bring the best resources to bear, not merely what our members can put together. We approach organisations & individuals who may be needed, not limiting ourselves to our members or partner Institutions.