Guiding Principles

Empowerment of the blind.

– By constitution, we give greater control to the Blind. A minimum of 33% of members need to be Visually Challenged.

– They are included in all subcommittees.

– They are consulted on every issue & their views carry greater weightage.

– All issues important to the Blind are important to us. We respond wherever an opportunity to benefit the Blind, presents itself. We cooperate in multi disability matters, where blindness is the common refrain. We do not work in areas where the Blind are not involved. But, we are willing to work in cross disability areas where benefits will accrue to the Blind.

– We cater for all age groups, social backgrounds, gender & all spheres of activity affecting the blind.

Individual & Institutional Support

– Individuals are provided assistance, when & where they desire. For many services commonly available with most NGOs, we partner with them rather than duplicate the effort.

– We network with all NGOs; some are larger & more efficient, thereby bringing the benefits of the strengths of one to the other. If an NGO wishes to grow bigger or refine their existing services, we assist.

– We network with Resource Persons, Donors, Corporations & Volunteers & those sympathetic to the cause of the blind, thereby bringing the best skills & resources on the cutting edge.

National Presence.

– We work nationally, partnering with Volunteers & NGOs across the country.

– Our planning processes are National & not diverted by regional considerations.

– Our planning procedures are in consonance with those of the largest NGOs, with Government & with Multi National Corporations.